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 Untitled Drawing by joenomrc


        Hello! Uh, well if you're reading this, then I'm still alive! That's always a positive. Either way, I'm guessing that you're wondering why I'd be dead. Well, that's a very long story. But, before I tell you everything, you'll need some background information. First off, my name is Joseph Watson. Before this whole thing happened to me, which you'll figure out later about when I say "thing", I was a normal high school boy with normal high school looks. I was always a fan of keeping my brown hair long and shaggy. I had freckles that covered my cheeks, which were pretty pale. But I digress. You're not here to talk about that stuff. You just want to here about how this sophomore ended up being a part of a world of magic and mayhem! Well, let's get to that part then....

   Chapter One: My "Normal" Day Can't Stay Normal

        I opened my eyes groggily on that Friday morning, the annoying beeping of my alarm clock waking me up from the realm of my dreams. I barely mustered the energy to hit the button to end that horrid sound beckoning me to start my day, let alone to drag myself from the cloud-like softness of my bed and sheets. Somehow, I managed to get myself to the door that connected my room to my bathroom, where I soon got ready for the only part about waking up I enjoy: my morning shower. If you don't feel refreshed and relaxed after a nice, warm shower in the morning, then your day is not going to go well. Thankfully, by the time I was done, my body and mind were wide awake with energy and excitement. I hurried to dry off and get dressed, my favorite orange shirt and blue jeans fitting perfectly on me as always. I looked at the clock. 7:39 am. If I didn't get out the door that minute, I wouldn't be able to meet up with my best friend outside to walk to school. So, trying to be fast, I dash into the kitchen to grab an apple for breakfast when I ran into my aunt. I must say, the one person I have so much respect for is her. Taking in a kid who she barely had any family ties with besides supposedly being the aunt to must have been a roller coaster of financial and emotional baggage. Still, she loved me like a son and she's the only parent I've got. It's shocking that she isn't my "real mom" since we look so much alike. We both had blue eyes and brown hair, which is pretty rare in itself. We both were a little shorter than average, although I was the same height as her. If you saw us side-by-side, you'd think I was her kid! She smoothed out her shirt and sighed.

    "Well, that's one way of saying good morning!" She laughed before turning around towards the counter. I chuckled nervously.

    "Sorry, Aunt Heidi! Didn't mean to do that. Kinda in a rush, you know?" I  watched as she grabbed an apple from the bowl on the counter and tossed it to me. I caught it with a big grin on my face.

    "I know, I get it. Next time, though, try looking before you just start running." She waved me away. "Now get going! I just saw Darwin walk by the window." She then tossed another apple. I looked at her weird.

    "For Darwin?" She nodded.

    I waved to her before rushing out the door. Just in time too. My best friend Darwin was just walking past my front door. His brown hair peeked around the same baseball cap with an iceberg on it that he always wore. His smile was made into a wide grin across his face. I always made the joke that with his iceberg hat, tan skin and joking smile he looked like the Hispanic Jack Frost. The boy turned to see me approach, chuckling under his breath.

    "Following me again, eh Watson? Seriously bro, you need to get your own life." He laughed as I got closer, not amused.

    "Says the guy who mooches off me and never pays back!"

    "Oh yeah, that reminds me, can I borrow five bucks?" I smacked him in the arm lightly as he laughed louder.

    "You're lucky we're friends." I said as I handed him one of the apples. "Courtesy of Aunt Heidi."

    "Sweet! Thanks, man!" He said as he took a bite.

    I sighed as we continued our way to school. We talked about things like TV shows, video games and other typical things like that until we reached the front of the prison known as Aven Doram High School. To be fair, I always liked going to school, especially since I was a high school student. However, it didn't mean I had my own gripes with having to sit in a desk for hours on end, learning about things I would never use in my life unless I was in some special field that required certain skills. Of course it has its benefits, which I was reminded of as soon as Darwin and I had made it to our lockers. As I was putting in my locker combination, I noticed someone out of the corner of my eye. It was a girl. Not just any girl. No, she was way more than that. Her hair was an amazing shade of brown, matching her brown, doe-like eyes perfectly. She always wore glasses with black frames, pushing them up occasionally to keep them on her face. She wore a necklace with her name proudly displayed for the world to see: Baylee.

    Now, if you thought this was the part of the story where I go and ask her out like the confident guy I was, don't hold your breath. I just stood there like an idiot as she started walking past. Baylee looked at me and smiled a little.

    "Hey Joseph." She said right as she walked by. I could barely utter out a response before she was gone. Darwin just laughed.

    "Nice one, geek!" He mused as I grumbled.

    "Shut up! It's not like you were any help. Aren't you supposed to be my wing-man?"

    "A wing-man won't help if you keep being a chicken!" Darwin then proceeded to make chucking noises.

    "Keep it up and you're going to be sorry, bird brain." I retorted before the bell rang.

    The day continued out like any other day. I spent most of my classes drawing in my notebook or catching up on homework.  I just waited until the lunch bell rang. That was always the highlight of any school day. Not because the food was good. Far from it actually. It was the only time I could relax and chat with Darwin since we didn't share any classes. After going through the lunch line, I hurried over to where he was sitting. The guy had already finished his meal before I could even sit down.

    "Wow. Did you even taste it?" I asked. Darwin shrugged.

    "Probably. What can I say? I like to eat."

    "Yeah, I see." I sat down and pushed my tray in front of him, keeping the milk for myself. "I'm not really hungry right now, so go for it." He grinned.

    "Thanks!" My friend exclaimed before digging in.

    I sighed as I glanced past him and towards the window. Although I barely looked over, something seemed off. I could've sworn I saw something staring in through the glass. It was quick, so I couldn't make out details, but I was sure it was a person. I was about to mention it to Darwin, but the guy was so distracted by the slop the cafeteria expected us to eat, I was sure that talking to him about it would be a moot point. Besides, he'd tell me the obvious answer. My eyes were playing tricks on me. Of course. That had to be it. It HAD to be.

    After lunch was a few more boring classes I had to sit through. Each minute seemed to crawl slower as the school day grew closer to the final bell. I thought the clock had stopped right before I was freed from the school day by ringing sound of my weekend calling me. I rushed to get out of the school as a wave of my peers and classmates seemed to push me with the crowd out the door, flooding into the school parking lot. With a bit of pip in my step, I hurried towards my house for two full days of relaxation. I usually walked home alone, even though Darwin walked to school with me. That day wasn't any different as my house was finally in view, my pace picking up. But of course, my day was about to take a very sudden turn for the weird.

    I was about to step on my front steps to enter my house, when I felt the strangest rush flow through my body. It was like I was hit with a lightning bolt of pure energy as I felt my whole body being pushed backwards by an invisible force. I flew back at least a foot before falling on my back. I don't know exactly what happened next. I think I hit my head pretty hard though, because everything went black.
The first chapter is finally done! I hope you enjoy this part and continue to keep tabs on this.

WARNING: Although this whole story series is a TG story, this part has ZERO TG elements. It's mostly set up for the future of the series.
OneMessedUpHero Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Professional General Artist
I'll give this a proper read later, but I'm already awaiting more.
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