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Hey guys! It's that guy in the fedora, Joenomrc here with a special update! So....I've been working on a story series for a total of FIVE YEARS and I'm FINALLY going to start it back up again! So, what's the Four Moons about? Who's the main character? What's going to happen? Is Joe going to stop stalling?......Maybe.......Yeah, maybe. EITHER WAY, here's the teaser image, courtesy of my good friend :iconstateofd-e-b:!

A Certain Kind of Magic by StateOfD-E-B
Hey guys, it's that guy in the fedora with a little bit of a rant. So, I checked my DA notifications this morning to see someone sent me a note. At first I didn't recognized the username, so I thought it was someone answering a journal I wrote a while ago. 

Nope. Not at all.

It was a person I blocked for a few different reasons who decided to make a new account and sent me hate mail. Now, I'm not mad about that. Honestly? I kind of take it as a compliment that someone went through all that trouble to send me hate stuff. 

BUT, what I do have a problem with is this person accused me of blocking him because I was "being a pussy". That, of course, isn't the case. I had multiple reasons to block him and that isn't one of them.


This person had the audacity to go on the journal where I talked about my suicidal thoughts after something really awful happened and told me I should have killed myself. 

Now, I was originally going to post the guy's name here, but I'm not giving him the satisfaction of a mention. But I will say this: You think you're so funny, but we all know that you won't win. I have so many people to support me and I am so lucky to have the friends I do. So guess what? I'm blocking you again. So yeah, enjoy that.
Read the fucking title. You have no clue how close I was. The only thing that stopped me was I didn't have the means. Or the guts.  I'm too weak to live, but I'm too fucking weak to die too. What the fuck is wrong with me?!? I don't want to breathe, I don't want to talk, I don't want to smile,  BECAUSE WTF IS THERE TO SMILE ABOUT?!?
    Hey guys, it's that guy in the fedora and I want to start this off with a THANK YOU!!! I know that 20 seems a little small to be celebrating, but for a guy like me it's a milestone worth a million bucks!
 Deer icon x 1,000,000

Umm....Not what I meant.

    Either way, I've been thinking what I wanted to do something special for this and I want your guys' help. I'm stuck between a few different ideas and I don't know what to do. So, I want YOU to pick the celebration. Vote in the comments 

Here are the choices:

Caption Requests
Story Requests

And anything else you can thing of. I'm not creative,  so give me some suggestions!

Hey there, it's that guy in the fedora! Well, I was tagged by my good pal and friendly fellow :icongeminim: and he wants to know eight facts about.....Silver Shot? The cowboy? Okay, but first:

1) Post 8 facts about your character
2) Tag 8 other characters
3) Post these rules
4) Post their names along w/ their creator's avatar

8 Facts about Silver Shot:

1. Silver Shot was born in Texas, but isn't technically a citizen of any country. The USA lets him stay in America as long as he doesn't do anything to threaten national security.

2. Silver Shot loves poker, especially Black Jack.

3. Silver Shot's boots are custom-made and cost him $300 for each pair.

4. Silver Shot lost his left eye after he was stabbed by a prince. The prince was his target, but he was ambushed while in the throne room. The prince's guards distracted Silver Shot when the prince got lucky and managed to stab him. He still zapped his target, so in his opinion nothing went wrong.

5. Silver Shot has been to almost every country, including Japan, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand and many more.

6. Silver Shot doesn't own a car, phone, or computer.

7. Silver Shot can speak Spanish. Es bastante fluido en ella . ¿Ver?  (Translate: He's quite fluent in it. See?)

8. Silver Shot has an extremely high alcohol tolerance. It takes him about 5 shots of whiskey to get buzzed.

So that's all there is to the Merc That Never Misses. Now......Who's next?

:iconescafa: (Fairy God Mother)

:icononemesseduphero: (Flap)

:iconsd-the-doodler: (Sid)

:iconinsaneandsexy: (Max)

:iconthemaskofafox: (Prince Lin)

:icontheschatte: (Eva)

:iconmastercrazyh: (Alice)

:iconhtfman114: (Pat)
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*Pokemon Random Encounter Music*

Hey guys, it's that guy in the fedora again with a question for you. How about an rp? A Tg rp? What do I want the rp to be exactly?.....I don't know! Here's some things I would be okay with:

Age Regression(Maybe)
Slave/Submission(And no, it's not always sexual)
Forced Tg
+18(Only in notes)
Heavy Kinks(Will elaborate through notes)

Things I'm NOT okay with:

Hyper Expansion
Weight Gain
Canon Characters(Don't just say you're flipping so and so from this anime)
One Sentence Contributors(If I'm post like eight sentences that are very descriptive and you post something like "I walked over and punched him" and leave it at that, you and I will NOT get along)

If anything else pops up in my head, I'll update this. If you see this and the title is changed to have this at the end---> (CLOSED), it means I've stopped taking requests.

If you want to rp, send a note with the subject "Tg Rp" and we can talk. If I say I don't want to do something, don't be offended. I won't be upset if you don't like what ideas I come up with.

Hey guys, it's that guy in the fedora, and welcome to another Friday Story Time! Today, it's going to be more of a list than an actual story because I was running out of time.......Hey don't judge me! I have a life too......sort of. Either way, here are all the things I fear. I'll give a brief description of each, but that's about it. Enjoy!.....or don't. Have your own opinion.

My Biggest Fears are:

Cars: Yes, cars. I was in a total of 14 car accidents in my life. So yeah, not a fan of cars.

Bugs: Honestly, I think bugs are cool. I love those documentaries about Amazonian bugs. But, I don't like the little fuckers anywhere near me. Especially spiders. I swear, they crawled straight from the depths of hell.

The Dark: Not as much as I used to, but still a little. I can handle like sleeping in the dark, but after like 15 minutes of not knowing where the hell I am is when I say, "Nope."

Knives: Do I have to explain this? Knife goes stab stab. End of story

Clowns: They're fucking creepy, what do you want me to say?

Dolls: To be more specific, Victorian era Dolls with those huge eyes that follow you as you walk. They give me the chills. If anyone ever tgs me, they better not use a flipping doll!

Judgement: I hate being looked down upon. I hate it.

Mirrors: I heard all those dumb stories about ghosts in mirrors, and they got to me.

The Number 4: In Japanese folklore, the number 4 is called the ghost number. It's the Japanese equivalent to the Unlucky Number 13. I try to avoid the number 4 as much as possible.

And now, the fear to end all fears.........

People: Yep. People. I hate human interaction face to face. I always feel like I'm somehow not as important as other people are. So, I avoid people.

There you have it! I've given the internet enough ammo to throw at me for years. Either way guys, I'm off to go talk to an alternate version of myself that comes from a dimension where everyone is the opposite gender of the one they are in our world.

    HEEEEYEEEEYYEEEEEYEEEEYA HEEEEEYEEEYA! I said HEY! What's going on? Hey guys, it's that guy in the fedora here for another edition of Friday Story Time! This time we look at the dreams that started my love for Tg. This is both a happy and a sad story, so emotions are high.....I think. Either way, here it is!

    I was only about 6 when I moved to live with my dad. He was never really there until that day, so I felt happy. I had brought all my things, and my dad was unpacking them with me. He pulled out a doll and he asked me about it. I told him it was mine. He wasn't happy. He said that boys should play with action figures and cars, not dolls. I never really new what I liked about it. I just liked it, it was fun to play with. I didn't know there were such thing as "Boy things" and "Girl things" except the bathrooms. I was eight when I got in trouble for getting into my step mom's make up. My dad was almost more shamed than angry. Looking back, I can understand why he would. Still, I was grounded and was sent to my room. The weird part was I didn't really know why I wanted to play with that stuff. I just wanted to.

    I was twelve years old when I had the first dream. I was living with my dad again. Having moved between his place and my mom's for years, I learned not to make friends. I was a loner and I was okay with that. I went on the computer mostly(Hey, this sounds like how I am now!), so YouTube was my main escape from reality. One night, I fell asleep and began a very weird dream. I was a hero, with a sword and armor. I was trapped in a fortress full of only women and girls. After escaping my cell, I was stabbed by a random girl. All of a sudden, I was a girl. In my dream. I had no idea why the heck I was a girl and what was going on. I turned around to what looked like a wedding. I looked at my clothes and, of course, it was a wedding dress. I woke up right as I saw my dad walking into the room. After that night, my life changed forever.

    That's all I have time for today. Sorry it was short, but next week I continue where I left off. Until then.
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   Hey all you people, hey all you people, hey all you people won't you listen to MEEEEEEEEEEE! Hey guys, it's that guy in the fedora here with a new little thing I'll be doing to let you guys know more about me. It's Friday Story Time with Joenomrc! I'll be trying to do this every Friday, although I might miss a week on occasion. Either way, I think for this first story time, I'm going to get a little weird, creepy, and slightly scary. This is the story of my actual stalker. This is one hundred percent a true story. I might change some names to protect the innocent. Be advised, this isn't going to be pretty.

   I was about 13 years old. I was very stupid and I hung out with the wrong people. Of course, I didn't care what I was supposed to do, because I was a kid still. I would always hang out at this old park with my friend. We would smoke cigarettes and drink, never getting caught. One day, my buddy brought his girlfriend and we started a conversation. Apparently, she had a friend who was interested in a relationship.   I said I wanted to meet her. After a few days, I met her. Her name was Ashley. She was pretty, and I was happy. We went out, started talking a lot, and almost........."had fun".  I thought I would love hanging out with her forever.  Until she started wanted to hang out more and more. I thought it was normal, but she started to show up at my home at random times. My mom was never home at the time, so that was good, but I still felt uneasy with her showing up so often. After every time she left, I noticed that something of mine was missing. At first it was just a random piece of junk or a pencil, but then my toothbrush disappeared. I had extras, so I wasn't too worried, but I still didn't know where it went. A week later, I went to Ashley's house to hang out. When I got there, I asked to use the bathroom. I went in, and the first thing I noticed was a toothbrush on the counter. MY toothbrush. I started getting a little freaked out. I got out and I told her that I had to go. I left her house and got back to my place as fast as I could. When I got home, my mom was in the kitchen. She told me I needed to break up with Ashley. At the time, I didn't have a phone, so I used my mom's to call and text my friends. Ashley was able to get the number and started to text my mom when she was trying to text me. She was sending very descriptive texts about her love for me and started begging me to....I'm keeping this PG. I was already uncomfortable, but knowing that my mom was seeing this was too much for me. I went back to her house and I told her we were done. She started to cry and begged me to not break it off. I told her that I wasn't going to take her back and I tried to leave. She freaked out and grabbed my arm. She was surprisingly strong and I had to really fight to pry her off. Her nails drew blood and I kicked her in the shin. She finally let go and I ran like hell. When I got home, my mom saw my arm and was extremely angry. she wanted to call the cops on Ashley, but I told her not to. I still felt bad for her, plus I didn't want to have her involved with my life again. My mom agreed, helped me clean my arm. I thought it was over. Nope. Not even close.

    A month later, I was walking home. I finally got my own phone and I had started to hang out with other people. I was about a block away when my phone ran. I answered and heard my friend Rachel. Before I could say anything, she started crying a little. I asked what was wrong and she told me she was attacked. I asked where she was and she said the library. I was there faster than Usain Bolt. She was sitting on a bench outside the library. Her face was cut and her eye blacked. She held her arm close to her and was crying. I asked what happened and she said a girl said she took her boyfriend. Before Rachel could clear anything up, the girl started hitting her. She got away, but she was shaken up. She described her attacker to me. Lo and behold, she sounded like she was talking about Ashley. I was going to call the police, but Rachel told me not to. She begged me not to and I begrudgingly complied. A few days later, my mother gave me a call. She was apparently being followed by someone and she was positive it was Ashley. She was home a few minutes later and I decided to go outside and check. I saw down the street someone running. It looked like Ashley, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was.

    For the next six months, I would have to keep my eyes peeled. I started losing sleep because I was afraid she was watching me. I finally decided to call the police, but apparently they didn't have enough evidence. Ashley started to call my mom again. She would constantly call throughout the day, to either harass her or to beg to talk to me. Nothing we did was working, and I was losing my mind. I didn't want to leave my room. I lost weight, started to get panic attacks and even turned to drugs for am easy way to forget. My mom saw me slipping and she couldn't do anything. It finally ended when my neighbor happened to be visiting my mom when Ashley called. My neighbor was a nice but very intimidating woman with a surprisingly booming voice. My mom had told her the situation and what it was doing to me. I wasn't home at the time, I was at a restaurant with my friends who were trying to cheer me up. Either way, my mom and my neighbor were having a chat in my house when my mom got a call. She answered and it was Ashley. My mom tried to tell her to stop, but Ashley wouldn't listen. At this point, my neighbor took the phone out of her hands and started to yell at Ashley. She told her that if she called again that the police would be called and she would be arrested and charged with harassment. Apparently, it worked. She hung up and never called again. When I got home, my mom told me what happened. I looked at my neighbor, hugged her and started crying.

    I don't know what happened to Ashley. I don't care. She put me through a hell that I never want experience again. Some might say this is a lie, that I want attention. Believe me, it's not a lie. I was tortured in a way that you can't describe without knowing it first hand. This isn't even that bad. Stalkers can be much, much worse. They might kidnap, murder, rape, or more to the victims and their family or friends. That's it for this Friday Story Time. Next time, it probably will be less.....well, less crazy. I'm done for now.


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This is just a quick journal to say thank you guys for all your awesome support. I started posting things only a month ago and I've already became a part of a few cool groups. I've worked with some epic people and have talked with some awesome people too. I've gotten some watchers, watched some people myself, and grew a new love for llamas. You guys are amazing and I hope to have you guys with me for some more awesome times. Thanks Again!
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Hey there guys! Welcome to a little bit of an update. It's so awesome seeing the positive feedback with both my Tg War submissions, and the Society of the Cursed Ink. Believe me, Jake has been loving the good words you guys are throwing our way. But of course, you saw the title of the journal, which means you know what I'm going to say next. I need some cool ideas for a new story. The Society of the Cursed Ink will continue, it's just I'm still trying to plan Part 4. But for now, I want to hear some of your ideas for a new story. It might be a one shot, like the Safe in My Dreams story, or an expanding storyline, like The Society of the Cursed Ink. If you have a cool idea, let me know either through the comments, notes, or even gmail! My gmail is Now of course, there are some things that I will NOT do.
Here are some examples
- Anthro or Animal
- Inanimate Objects
- Multiple Body Parts (Extra Heads, Extra Arms, etc.)
- 18 and over content
- Overdone Ideas (Like how many more "Science Experiments Gone Wrong" stories exist? Originality is a key part of my writing.)
- Existing Characters (Again, real sick of seeing a bunch of Naruto Tg stories. ORIGINAL PLEASE!!! )

I have no problem with Tg stories that include these things, but they're just not my style. I might do Anthro or furry Tg stories later, but for now I have to pass. Please list any ideas you have in the comments below, or use the other methods listed. Either way, can't wait to see the suggestions. Let's write a story, shall we?

*Note: This is NOT an RP suggestion list. I have no problem with Rp, Heck I'm a fan of it too, but this is for story ideas.
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I've been spending most of the day thinking about someone. A girl. I know it seems cliche, but I just can't stop thinking about her. She's so kind, sweet, honest, and actually talked to me! Not many girls would even let me talk to them. But this girl is special. Everything she says makes me want to faint. This is more than a simple crush, this is pure love I'm feeling. Only problem? She's perfect, and I'm a loser. She's too good of a person for me. She's a flower in spring, and I'm an icy wind full of bitterness. Her look on the world is bright, while mine is shrouded in darkness. I can't even be near her without blushing, and it makes everything feel weird. She knows I have feelings for her, and has even said when she's able to have a relationship, (Both of us are in High School) that she would date me. But I don't think it would be the best for her. I could never find someone like her, but she could find so many people better than me. If it makes her happy, I'll be fine. If she isn't happy, I feel horrible. I'm stupid for liking her. Not because she's a bad person and she'll hurt me, but because I'm a bad person and I can only hurt. It's better to feel a pain myself than force it on another.
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I am so unbelievably angry right now. If you guys don't already know I am a part of a team I am a part of a group on DeviantArt called the 4th TG war. I had just finished writing my next submission to this group and I was reading it over. Now, you guys don't know this, but I don't use a computer. Most the time when I'm writing these things in fact this is all being written on my phone. Either way I was finished, I  was proof reading, I was making sure everything was alright and I accidentally hit the back button. By the time I had gone back to the page I was on, everything that I had written in the last hour and a half was gone! I am so unbelievably angry right now I could literally punch a hole in a wall I have worked so hard on this stupid story putting in so much effort and now I'm only halfway done with it because I accidentally hit the wrong button. I know I shouldn't be getting so upset about this but it's so frustrating when you work so hard just for having it all erased. I've been avoiding rewriting everything I wrote for the last 2 hours so I can just calm down. I don't want to write when I'm in this state of anger, especially if the thing I am writing would be influenced negatively by my emotion. After I'm done posting this, I'm probably going to start again and I'll probably be pulling my hair out the whole time just out of frustration because I've written the whole thing over and over again. Either way I'm going to get back to work I'm going to try and get some sleep when I can and I'm going to try to forget about this whole moment and act like I wrote this the first time and not the second. Heck, this can even be a positive thing. I wasn't proud of a lot of the things that I had written and I was even thinking about rewriting a little bit of it not the whole thing of course but just a little. Even if I was going to rewrite it, It doesn't make it any less frustrating. Comment down below if you know exactly what I'm talking about because this can be incredibly incredibly irritating.This is why I've been saving up for the last three months for a laptop. Let me know in the comments if there's a very cheap solution for getting a laptop because laptops are deathly expensive and I want to make sure it's a laptop because I have to go places that aren't my home and I can't take a monitor  with me around everywhere. Either way I'm going to start again, you guys have a good night, have a good Christmas. Hopefully this doesn't end my perfect day.
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Hello all you weird people that for some reason gave a watch my way! Although the average Joe is making journals on Christmas, I will not. I'm no average Joe,  I'm a below average Joenomrc. For the last three years, I've been studying up on lucid dreaming. Why? Because I plan on using lucid dreaming to my advantage and finding some creative inspiration from my self conscious. If you don't know what lucid dreaming is, it's basically when a person dreams but they remain conscious. It's an incredible self discovery method used for years, BUUUUUT it's not 100% "Safe". In fact, lucid dreaming can actually lead to night terrors, anxiety, fear of sleeping and in very extreme cases, DEATH. It's not easy, especially for someone like me. My mind wanders incredibly easy, and if my mind goes to some weird and creepy places, it's going to feel VERY real! Plus, it can make some people develop a sleepwalking problem, but that's rare. I have studying for years, but only recently began to use them in practice. I haven't succeeded yet, but I'm getting closer. The key is to find your strategy that works for you. But let me be clear, there are MANY risks when lucid dreaming and I would recommend NOT doing it unless you are actually sure. I'm stupid, that's why I'm doing it. My writing might benefit from it, so I'm ok with the risk. Again, don't try unless absolutely sure. And do your homework on the subject. It's the only way to be as safe as possible.

I'm giving away 5000 POINTS that will be shared to everyone that joins this giveaway. EVERYBODY WINS a share of the points~


- Favorite this journal. (Be sure to do this, it'll make it easier for me to know who is participating in the giveaway and see who followed the rules~)
- Create a journal to spread news of this giveaway. (Leave a comment below with a link to your journal.)
- Watch me~
- And... YOU'RE DONE! : D

I've been wanting to do this for some time after being inspired by another person that has done this before. I thought it was a nice gesture. Even if you end up getting only a couple points in the end, it's the thought that counts~

The due date for this giveaway will be at the end of February, should be plenty of time for many people to have a chance to get some points. I will be distributing points to everyone at the end, may take some time but it's the thought that counts! 

*NOTE: If somehow this giveaway reaches more than 5000 participants, I'll keep increasing by another 1000 points.


This is on this account of a really cool person. I kinda feel bad about taking points from her....

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Heres the link. IM NOT THE ONE DOING THIS!!!!!!
Sleep is a very beautiful thing. As you slumber, your imagination is given complete control. While I do enjoy sleep, I'm terrified of the idea of dreams. More people say they have nightmares while sleeping. Fear is a necessary yet dangerous emotion. Although I haven't had a nightmare in years, there was a time in my life where every night I had a nightmare. It was horrible. I was scared to go to sleep. For once in my life, I felt 100% helpless. I hated that feeling. I still do.
The written emotions artists put into their work is truly stunning. Whether talking about fear, love, anger, depression, grief, or shame, you can feel the pain another person has locked deep inside themselves through their writing. Poetry is an outlet that we take for granted. Even today, I lock my heart inside the paper when I write and people are begging for the key. It's almost sad. People always have different interpretations of art, and they think it's the only interpretation. But that's why I love art. Completely subjective. And that is incredible.